Tuesday, 17 November 2009

To Battle

This is a battle report for the Aftermath Campaign, taking place on planet Prox.

I've been pointed towards Vassal for making the battle reports a little more graphical but still trying to get the hang of this program, so will just show the terrain layout for this one. It's a little off, but close enough, need to find some smaller ruined walls.

Anyway, onto the 1,500pt game, again it's last man standing wins.

Forces of Order

Damocles Rhino
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Assault Squad
Assault Squad
Assault Squad
Predator Destructor

Forces of Disorder

Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
12 Lootas
20 Shoota boyz with 2 big shootas, including a nob with power klaw and boss pole
20 Shoota boyz with 2 big shootas, including a nob with power klaw and boss pole
19 Gretchin and 1 slaver
Trukk mob with 12 boyz including a nob with power klaw and boss pole
Trukk mob with 12 boyz including a nob with power klaw and boss pole
3 Skorcha Buggies
3 Rokkit Buggies
3 Rokkit Buggies
Kan with rokkit launcha
Kan with rokkit launcha


The Orks won the roll and decided to deploy and go first, choosing the bottom of the board for the deployment zone.

Three rokkit buggies were deployed on the far left flank with the two trukks behind them, one mob of shootas stood to their right. The mek stood on the mineshaft about a third of the way along, attached to the grot mob, with the lootas standing next to them using a small wall as a barricade. Both kans and the second squadron of rokkit buggies deployed between them and the ruin, as far forward as they could. The skorcha buggies started to the right of the ruin, and the second shoota boy mob to their right.

The marines largely combat squadded, placing two halves of a tactical squad on the far left flank, half a tactical squad behind the barricade on the left hand side, with a full assault squad standing behind them. Two halves of a tactical squad and half an assault squad were stationed in the left of centre ruins, while half of a tactical and half an assault were in the right of centre ruins. Two halves of tactical squads were positioned on the right hand tower, both holding missile launchers, with a full assault squad mostly behind it. The predator deployed between the two ruins with the damocles rhino behind the right hand ruin, the whirwind behind the left hand ruin, and the vindicator in the left hand ruin.

Orks Turn 1

The vehicles on the left flank advanced down it as fast as they could. Both shoota boyz mobs ran into the ruins in front of them, as did both of the kans. The skorcha buggies also moved into the ruins on the right, barely avoiding detonating themselves on bits of building. The rokkit buggies in the centre advanced forwards and a little to the right, for an attack on the side armour of the vindicator, turning it into a smoking wreck. The lootas fired at the damocles rhino, doing the same to that, while the mek managed to miss everything with his shokk attack gun.

Marines Turn 1

The two combat squads on the far left advanced on the buggy squadron, that entire flank firing at them to no effect. The predator moved forwards and targetted the rokkit buggies in front of it, managing to shake one, the whirlwind fired at the lootas, killing two of them and three grots, and all the missile launchers in the entire marine line fired at the kans but caused no damage. The combat assault squad from the right hand ruins sped forward and charged the skorcha buggies, shaking one of them.

Orks Turn 2

The vehicles on the left flank advance further, with the slugga mob from one trukk dismounting, and the rokkits from the buggies killing two member of the rear combat squad. The shootas on the left advance fully into the ruin this turn and the kans run at full speed towards the centre of the marine line. The skorcha buggies speed towards the full assault squad by the tower, burning three to cinders. The rokkit buggies to the right back away from the predator a little and fire to no effect. The lootas shoot at the same target, blowing off its turret and shaking it. The shokk attack gun kills two of the assault marines on the left flank and the shoota boyz on the right gun down three of the assault marines next to them before charging and wiping them out. The recently dismounted slugga boyz on the left also charge the closest combat squad, wiping it out and consolidating backwards somewhat.

Marines Turn 2

The three man combat squad and the assault squad from the left flank advance on the dismounted slugga boyz, firing and killing most of them, as well as detonating the other trukk with a lucky glancing flamer. The predator tried to ram the rokkit buggies but caused no damage. The assault marines next to the tower move towards the ruins that the kan is closing on. Three missile launchers and a heavy bolter fired at the two kans, destroying one but leaving the other unharmed and easily in charge range. The whirlwind attempts to destroy the mob which fell out of the destroyed trukk, but scatters far wide of the mark. A tactical combat squad in the right hand ruin destroyed one skorcha buggy and the missile launcher from one of the squads in the tower destroyed the weapon of a second. A charge on the left flank wiped out the damaged slugga mob and the assault marines on the right destroyed a rokkit buggy.

Orks Turn 3

The rokkit buggies on the left flank moved forwards again, swinging around behind the marines to shoot at the whirlwind, shaking it. The remaining trukk attempts to tank shock the three tactical marines nearby but they simply step aside. The rokkit buggies on the right back away and attempt to damage the predator again, but do not even hit it this time, while the skorcha buggies move behind the tower to avoid any retaliation for a little. The shokk attack gun fires and scatters into the middle of nowhere, the lootas shoot down three of the assault marines who had charged the buggies, and the shoota boyz on the right kill three of the tactical marines who had attacked the skorchas. The kan vapourised one marine with its rokkit launcher before charging and failing to kill a single thing in combat, while the orks from the destroyed trukk charge the assault marines on the left and wipe them out.

Marines Turn 3

The three man tactical squad on the left and the combat squad from the left ruins not in combat move to catch the rokkit buggies in a crossfire, shaking one and destroying another's gun. The whirlwind moves forward to be somewhat behind the predator, and the damaged squads on the right converge on the shoota boyz holed up in their ruins there, killing a few in shooting, but out of charge range this turn. One of the combat squads from the towers leapt out, shooting the skorchas buggies and destroying the one without a gun before charging to no additional effect. The assault marines charge both a rokkit buggy and a kan, blowing the klaw off the kan.

Orks Turn 4

The trukk plowed forwards, tankshocking two combat squads and causing both of them to flee the battle. The rokkit buggies on the left advanced at full speed towards the whirlwind, while the one on the right failed to harm the predator yet again. The skorcha sped around the tower and fired up into it, killing one marine on top. The shoota boyz on the left ran towards the next ruin along, barely reaching it. The shokk attack gun managed to hit the skorcha buggy but failed to damage it, while the lootas turned the whirlwind into a wreck, and the shoota boyz on the right killed one of the tactical marines bearing down on them, the one with the flamer. The slugga boyz on the left hand flank then charged and cut down the last three marines on that section of the board.

Marines Turn 4

The predator fired at the rokkit buggy, causing it to explode, but not harming any of the marines nearby and the marines on the tower turned the last skorcha buggy into a burning wreck. The marines on the right charged the shoota boyz, killing five of them and losing only one assault marine in return, causing another four orks to get killed in the panic. The kan was finally destroyed and it exploded in spectacular fashion, killing three of the marines attacking it.

Orks Turn 5

The slugga boyz hopped back into their trukk which then advanced towards the centre of the marine's deployment zone, the orks inside firing their sluggas and killing the remnants of the tactical squad there, the rokkit buggies drove around the ruin and pointed their guns at the rear armour of the predator, hitting it, but failing to harm it. The shoota boyz on the left fired at the assault marines in the ruin opposite them, killing a few of them. The lootas fire at the predator, destroying it. The shokk attack gun manages to scatter and hit nothing at all. The orks in combat on the right flank lost more of their number without killing a single marine.

Marines Turn 5

The assault marines sped forward towards the shoota boyz on the left, charging them only to lose most of their own number. The two combat tactical squads from the tower destroyed the last of the rokkit buggies between their bolters of missile launcher, while the marines in combat on the right flank killed more orks, losing but a single man to a power klaw themselves.

Orks Turn 6

The trukk advances further to just in front of the right-hand ruin partially in the marine's deployment zone. The lootas try to shoot, but find they are out of range, and the shokk attack gun scatters off target. The shoota boyz on the left win their combat and consolidate towards the marines lines. While the orks on the left are reduced to five orks, but kill all bar a single tactical marine sergeant.

Marines Turn 6

The missile launcher from the tower destroys the last trukk and the space marine sergeant outnumbered five to one finally dies, allowing the orks to advance on the tower.

Orks Turn 7

The shokk attack gun hits the marines on the ground behind the right hand ruin, but fails to kill any of them. The two mobs of orks near the marines advance, waaagh, and charge, wiping out the last two four-strong tactical squads.


  1. Hey nice report shame it's for FOD!! Anyway's good to see more battle reports getting posted. Where did you get the map program from?

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  2. I am enjoying the reports. Is that Vassal you are using for maps?

    I guess I will see you on the battlefields of the planet Prox.